Earth's Climate: Past, present and future

Overview of Programme

The purpose of the Symposium was to define how palaeoclimate records and Earth observation data may be used in unison with modelling approaches to better interpret and exploit the knowledge gained from archives of past climate change, and thereby to improve our understanding of future climate. Click here for a fuller discussion of the scientific objectives.
Outline Programme
On 10th -12th March, in Cambridge, the delegates to the Symposium—about 150 scientists—focused on six key themes at the forefront of climate research:

Ice sheets
Atmospheric circulation and composition
Ocean circulation
Carbon cycle
Solar variability
Rapid climate change
Click here to see the full programme for the Cambridge days, here for biographical information about the speakers and theme leaders, and here for summaries of the themes. Delegates considered three themes each day, starting with plenary sessions and separating into breakout groups for discussion, and synthesizing the results on the third day.
On 13th March, in London, the public meeting (click here for full programme) provided a larger forum for communicating multidisciplinary climate research to a more general audience, including representatives of government, industry, environmental groups and the media. Leading experts on past, present and future climate gave talks, and panel discussions also covered socio-economic and policy dimensions. Click here for information on the speakers and panelists, here for introductions to the talks. Exhibits of recent research on climate change were also on display, and visitors could talk with the researchers involved.