Earth's Climate: Past, present and future

Outreach Activities

Besides involving a wider audience on the London Day, the Symposium included other outreach efforts in Cambridge:
Support for early-career climate scientists' participation. The Symposium awarded twenty funded places to postdoctoral fellows and advanced PhD students. The winners, chosen by competition,  participated fully in the Symposium and were expected to discuss the posters they displayed in Cambridge. Click here to see names of winners and their poster topics.
A public talk as part of the Cambridge Science Festival. Dr Eric Wolff, British Antarctic Survey, and Dr Aradhna Tripati, University of Cambridge, presented "Hidden in Rock and Frozen in Time" on 14 March. They explained how climate scientists use ice cores and sedimentary records, and what is known, based on geochemical and fossil records of environmental changes, about the response of the oceans and climate to rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. 

Click on their names to see copies of their presentations.
The Symposium sponsored this talk, one of the 130 events for all ages that make up the Cambridge Science Festival. It is the largest free science festival in the UK.