Earth's Climate: Past, present and future

Cambridge Programme

Programme for Cambridge, 10-12 March 2008 (subject to change)
Biographical information on speakers and theme leaders

Monday 10 March, Møller Center
Posters by winners of Symposium postdoc competition will be on display during Monday and Tuesday, with researchers available to discuss their work at lunch on both days.

0900       Welcome address
              The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alison Richard

0915       Introduction to the Symposium
              Harry Elderfield

0930       Plenary, Theme 1 - Tony Payne - Ice sheets

1000       Plenary, Theme 2 - Gavin Schmidt - Atmospheric composition and circulation

1030       Plenary, Theme 3 - Jean Lynch-Stieglitz - Ocean circulation

1100       Coffee 
1130       Theme groups, with presentations to include:
    Ice sheets
    Jan Mangerud - Glacier fluctuations during the last ice age
    Richard Hindmarsh  - Recent advances in the understanding of grounding-line migration
    and the stability of marne ice sheets
    John Anderson - Timing of marine ice sheet retreat in West Antarctica
    Richard Peltier - Linking geological information with quantitative modelling: lessons learnt
    from the ICE-5G project
    Atmospheric composition and circulation
    Valerie Masson-Delmotte - Ice cores and the role of forcings and feedbacks
    Paul Valdes - Modelling atmospheric methane changes through time
    Larry Edwards - Cave records of the Asian Monsoon from orbital to cultural timescales
    Bette Otto-Bliesner - Simulations of LGM atmospheric circulation changes
    Ocean circulation
1300       Lunch

1400       First breakout session, with each theme group dividing into two sub-groups

1530       Tea

1600       Second breakout session, sub-groups meeting together

1730       Plenary - Summary of theme discussions

1830       Break
1915       Drinks reception in New Hall, sponsored by Science Magazine
2000       Dinner, New Hall
Tuesday 11 March, Møller Centre

0900       Plenary, Theme 4 - Daniel Sigman - Carbon cycle

0930       Plenary, Theme 5 - Joanna Haigh - Solar variability

1000       Plenary, Theme 6 - Peter Huybers - Rapid climate change

1030       Coffee

1100       Theme groups, with presentations to include:
    Carbon cycle
    Colin Prentice - Terrestrial C cycle
    Andy Watson - Ocean circulation impacts
    Steve Emerson - Calcium carbonate dynamics
    Ed Brook - Constraints from timing
    Inez Fung - Anthropogenic C cycle

    Solar variability
    Nigel Weiss  - Solar activity: its past and future
    Juerg Beer - Solar activity and its relationship to climate on palaeo-timescales
    Mark Cane  - Atmosphere-ocean coupling in solar forcing of climate

    Rapid climate change 
    Carl Wunsch - Rapid responses, but long memories 
    Tim Lenton - Tipping points in the climate system
    Richard Hindmarsh - How did ice sheets drive change in the past and can they do so in the  
    Jerry McManus - Some notable aspects of rapid paleoclimate change
1230       Lunch
1330       First breakout session, with each theme group dividing into two sub-groups

1500       Tea

1530       Second breakout session, sub-groups meeting together

1700       Plenary: Summary of theme discussions

1800       Break
1900       Travel to Queens’ College
1930       Reception and Conference Dinner, Queens' College 
Wednesday 12 March, Møller Centre and London

0900       Lessons from Day 1: presentations from the themes 
              Ice sheets - Garry Clarke
              Atmospheric composition and circulation - Sandy Harrison
              Ocean circulation - Harry Bryden

1030       Coffee

1100       Lessons from Day 2: presentations from the themes
              Carbon cycle - Ralph Keeling
              Solar variability - Mike Lockwood
              Rapid climate change - Martin Visbeck

1230       Cross-theme discussion and drafting of follow-on

1300       Lunch

1400       Depart for London and Club Quarters

1600       Theme leaders meet separately, Club Quarters

1700       Theme leaders meet jointly, Club Quarters

1830       Leverhulme Trust Reception and Dinner, Royal Society