Earth's Climate: Past, present and future

The Leverhulme Climate Symposium 2008

Earth's Climate: Past, Present and Future

University of Cambridge and the Royal Society, London
10th - 13th March 2008
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Electronic copies of many of  the presentations can be accessed by the link next to the speaker titles on the programmes at both Cambridge and London. Programmes, posters and the lecture at the Cambridge Science Festival all have similar links

The Symposium brought together leading scientists from around the world to explore how knowledge gained from understanding past climate change may be applied to the modelling of the Earth's present and future climate and the likely sensitivity of climate to anthropogenic forcing.
The Symposium aimed to demonstrate the lessons and strengths of this multidisciplinary approach to government, policy advisors, media, educators and environmental groups. The foundation for a continuing program of joint research was discussed and opportunities explored to enhance public understanding of climate change science.
The Leverhulme Climate Symposium 2008 was sponsored by the Leverhulme Trust and co-ordinated by CEI, University of Cambridge. This site also helped make the event possible. For more information, visit